DICIOTTO X 7 with Nilufar Gallery at PAD London

The DICIOTTO X 7 Chandelier were on show with Nilufar Gallery at PAD London in October 2018.

DICIOTTO X 7 at Nilufar Gallery

The DICIOTTO X 7 chandelier was part of Chez Nina – a club created by @indiamahdavi Inside #NilufarGallery during Milano Design Week 2018

How to spend it – Financial Times

Katherine Burroughs have written a very fine article on Frederiksgade 1 and all the good people and exiting companys that work here. Here it is the studio and Knothouse by Bettina Gedda

Upstairs exhibition during 3 Days of Design at Frederiksgade 1

The 4th floor of Frederiksgade 1 is home to a collective of designers who all share an obsession for meticulous detail. Whilst our products are divergent, our common concern for how they are patiently developed and crafted unite us.

This exhibition showcases our works and methods through a curated installation as well as our own workshops. Rug by Knothouse, chair by Overgaard & Dyrman and objects by Copenhagen Design Agency.

DICIOTTO X 4 Chandelier at Nilufar Gallery Fuori Salone

The STAFA pendants on the cover of Rum International

With BAUM UND PFERDGARTEN at Royal Copenhagen

For the exhibition of Christmas tables 2016 at Royal Copenhagen Rikke Baumgarten and Helle Hestehave of Baum and Pferdgarten asked me to make a chandelier to be hung over their amazing Christmas table.

Design Award 2016

Thank you to Bo Bedre Magazine, Costume Living, Nordic Living and Boligmagasinet for the honor of being crafts maker of 2016

STAFA Floor light at Mint gallery

The STAFA Floor light at White Canvas Exhibition at Mint Gallery, London Design Festival 2016

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