YELLOW 1:1 is an art installation created for the Biennial for Crafts and Design 2004 at the Trapholt Art Museum in Kolding, Denmark.
It measured 5 x 10 meters and was a three-dimensional pattern consisting of 75 ceramic elements. Each element is 52 cm long. The elements are slip casted in high fired earthenware and glazed with a bright yellow glaze.

Later on the installation was exhibited at the restaurant at the Danish Architecture Center in Copenhagen. Here the big elements formed a three-dimensional frieze of geometric flowers.

In the adjoining room a smaller version of the original three-dimensional pattern in the scale 1:3 resembled three-dimensional wallpaper.

YELLOW 1:3 is now decorating the conference room at the solicitors Winsløw at Gammel Strand 34 in Copenhagen. Here the elements are organized in yet another pattern as a frieze of double flowers.

YELLOW 1:1 is decorating a fantastic dining room in a private residence.