A serie of vessels in white porcelain. All the vessels have been built up on the basis of the very same basic cylindrical form. What we have here are casted pieces, where the form has been reworked in a number of different techniques while the porcelain is still soft and malleable.
Upon the subsequent manipulation of the form, reciprocal contrasts and changing expressions come into being. These range from the voluminous and tense, through the soft, to the sharp and brittle.
While retaining its logical and fundamentally simple expression, each of the urns is in itself a rather complicated construction. The textural agents have been reduced to a bare minimum; in this instance, there is a glossy transparent glaze. In such a way, the white porcelainĀ“s capacity to throw into relief the many different forms and shadow effects that results from the reworking of the surface is underscored.

From the book Udstillingssted for ny Keramik/