This work is about porcelain and geometry. I was always interested in geometry. I find harmony and beauty in geometrical shapes. But sometimes I find their severity too rigid and limiting and feel an urge to fight it and disintegrate it. These works are the second installment of a project in which I work with disintegration and transformation of geometric shapes. In this project I work with basic shapes such as the cylinder, the cube and the ellipsoid. The slipcasted porcelain pots have been cut through. The planes are then replaced but staggered into a new composition. In the firing the porcelain and the glaze melt together and the pot is again a whole. The replacement of the planes allows me to work with shape and composition and to challenge balance and aesthetics. My boldness in composition, firing temperature and firing time decides the degree of transformation and disorganization.

The work with these pots is a process. The project develops and the goal is changing all the time. The point is to go where I cannot foresee or control the result and to experience the final result without any previous expectations. Every firing holds surprises. Just as I believe I know what this is all about, I have an experience that changes my focus. It thereby becomes an investigation of my aesthetics; a very personal investigation of my idea of a beautiful, strong and interesting pot. These pots are like all ceramics a still of the intense process that takes place in the kiln but also a still of what fascinates me and concerns me right now.

Text from exhibition at Puls Ceramics, Bruxelles 2006