MARU at Nivågård

For the exhibition Just one minute at Nivågaards Malerisamling eight designers were invited to make a piece of sitting furniture relating to the paintings in the collection.
The aim of the exhibition was to make the spectators spend a little extra time looking at each painting and discover some of the details they would otherwise miss.

For the exhibition I made three stools commenting on the similarities and differences of Rembrandts Portrait of a 39 year old woman and Aert van der Neers Moonlight by Dutch river. The paintings are from around 1640.

Both painters are working with light and darkness.The paintings have a very beautiful yet limited color scale in common. They are both very tranquil. But where van der Neers landscape is depicted very romantic and dreamlike almost ethereal, Rembrandts portrait is austere, ascetic, honest and unsentimental.

In Rembrandts portrait there are a lot of circles and ovals. I have constructed the stools of rings, circles and cylinders. For the decoration of the stools I have worked with a grid as a basis for working with light and darkness and the fantastic colors from the paintings. The grid also refers to the squares of the tiled floor we know so well from the interiors of the contemporary Vermeers paintings.

Thanks to Danish Crafts and SVFK The Danish Art Workshops

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